The Best Online Jobs That Pay Direct To M-pesa In Kenya

Most people have been wondering where they can get money to feed themselves during this pandemic. I am going to show you the legit and right websites the legit websites that earns people money to their m-pesa.

The first and most known legit website is Mesach News followed by Bold Casher then crowd1 then we also have Pesa moni. All these websites offer online work but it will depend with how much registration fee you have.

In Mesach News one register with Kes1600 and you can earn up to Kes50,000 per month. In Bold Cashers one register with Kes1550 and you can earn up to Kes15,000 per month then in crowd1 the least amount one can register with is Kes12,000. You can try your luck by working online though in Mesach News you are assured you can make a good money try it out and see some out come.

Note that working online is taking a risk to benefit. You can join the above online jobs and thank me later.

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